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Building an Epidemic of Connection

In my latest Huffington Post blog, I write about staring down the epidemic of loneliness in an effort to build an epidemic of connection. Through the use of counseling and through building our abilities to effectively connect with those around us, we can help to break down the walls of isolation and shame in our communities.



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What I want my clients to know when they start from scratch

I recently posted a new blog to Huffington Post (which can be found here) about what I want individuals to know when they walk in the door to their first day of counseling. Each thought is something that I’ve wished, at one point or another, that my new clients could know before walking in the door.  They are things that I think could make counseling – and me as a counselor! – less intimidating.  It’s written with my therapist hat on, rather than my food-allergy hat.  Sometimes starting from scratch means cooking, and sometimes starting from scratch means allowing someone else in to help – which is what I hope to do in my work as a mental health counselor.

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Allergic Living and Adult-Onset Food Allergies

Allergic Living recently did a piece on adult-onset food allergies with a couple of quotes from me about living with food allergies.  The article provides some helpful statistics and a great overview of some of the challenges adults face with the onset of food allergies!  It both validates the experience of adult-onset food allergies and provides a positive framework to consider them.  To quote the article, “Despite past bad reactions and numerous social challenges, not one of those interviewed with adult-onset allergies finds the condition is unmanageable.”

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