About Me

I’m Johanna Bond, an adult with food allergies who was given the diagnosis of severe, anaphylactic food allergies (tree nuts and hot peppers) at the age of 24.  I’m a writer, currently working on my first book, and I’m also a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC, New York state) with a small private practice in Rochester, New York (www.perspectivesroc.com).  I’m constantly learning about human resilience, both personally and professionally.

You may be learning to cope with a life-changing medical issue, learning to eat with a diet-changing diagnosis, or looking to gain tips about how to engage with those around you who are facing these issues.  We will all face medical – and many of us will face food-related – issues at some point in our lives.  This blog is created to tell my story, to share a few tips, and to help us learn to live better with the adversity we face.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Gina Merrell

    Thank you for publishing this, I became allergic to chili and peppers three years ago and I’m about to lose my job because of it. I thought I was going crazy because how could an adult onset food allergy be this bad, my reaction starts if I even smell anything with capsaicin in it. Now I know I’m not alone and that makes me feel even a little better.


  2. Melissa

    We agree with your “start from scratch” approach – and hope to enable families everywhere to do more of this type of cooking!


  3. Linda Louise Ford

    Hi Johanna, It is very nice to seeing your website writing. I wish you all the best in the future.


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