Six years after Italy… Savannah!

Six years ago my sister and I took a trip to Italy.  We had a couple of cousins who were studying abroad, and we decided it would be worth it to visit while we had tour guides in both Florence and Rome.  (Those cousins are now successful in their fields of architecture and fashion – clearly their time in Italy was well-spent!).

I remember my excitement for the trip.  Having studied abroad myself the year before, I wasn’t bothered by the thought of packing, airports, or even jet lag.  I was a bit nervous to travel by train in a country where I didn’t speak the language, but mostly I was excited to go on an adventure with my sister!


The trip to Italy was a success, with laughter and limoncello, pizza every day and a postcard sent to Gram.

Six years later, my sister and sister-in-law and I are traveling down to Georgia.  Travel within the US with food allergies seems much more complicated and risky for me now than Italy ever did, pre-food allergies.  Nonetheless, I have called the restaurants and made the home-made granola to snack on, booked the trolley tour and the hotel and picked out my walking shoes.  And I find I have that same excitement building up that I had for our Italy trip.  We have time set aside for sight-seeing, strolling around town, and going for tea.  I look forward to updating you when we return!



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