Thoughts from a Therapist

My most recent Huffington Post piece is not on cooking, or coping with food restrictions, but rather on my thoughts as a therapist at the end of the day.  I’d like to share it with you here:

“What Does Your Therapist Think at the End of the Day?”

My goal with this piece was to work to reduce the stigma of going to counseling, with the realization that your therapist is a person too.  With that in mind… If you find that you are feeling stuck or having a difficult time emotionally, especially with managing restricted diets and coping with health issues, you may want to take care of your emotional health and see a counselor!


I hope you all are enjoying this fall weather as you start to think about Thanksgiving recipes.  I know I’ve been taste-testing various apples in preparation for the perfect blend for apple pie…


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  1. H from Ohio

    Such a great perspective on what a counselor thinks at the end of the day. I am cynical, and I don’t believe that all counselors feel this way — but the hope that some, like Ms. Bond, feel this way gives me peace of mind. An individual choosing to seek counseling services could feel at ease knowing they would be helped by a person who is caring and truly sees counseling people as a rewarding experience that benefits both themselves and a client.