Spring has arrived to the long snow-covered Rochester!  Yesterday my boyfriend, A, pointed out a green sprout (a chive) growing through a leaf that was on top of the soil.  Persistent little chive.  I bet it will have a bold flavor.


As spring comes to life, we begin to see these sprouts and my stomach begins to growl.  Lucky for me, A has a green thumb and has planted garlic, bell peppers, and lettuce.  (The chives came about all on their own).  With these homegrown goodies on their way, I am newly excited for food.  I have my own ideas sprouting of what to cook when those veggies arrive.

Just as I’ve grown tired of my sweaters from the long winter, I’ve grown tired of my winter recipes.  I can make a really great vegetarian lasagna, and it’s a wonderful freezer-backup-meal, but I’m tired of it!  Time for grilled veggies, feta and orzo, and whatever else awaits inside those cookbooks I got for Christmas that I have not yet opened.

I look forward to posting soon with either recipe success or spectacular failure as we head towards summer cooking.  I promise to provide pictures, no matter how they turn out…


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