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Emotional Self-Care

What is emotional self-care?


To follow up on last week’s Post-It post…

Emotional self-care is taking care of and having compassion for yourself.  When you are having a difficult time, or if you’ve had a recent allergic reaction or a bad dining experience, or if you’ve had some other emotionally and physically challenging experience, it can be helpful to figure out the best way to take care of yourself.  Some people take a moment to be in nature or work in a garden.  Some people need alone time, others need to talk it through with a friend.  Some people might take a warm bubble bath, others will go for a run.  Thinking about past experiences, and how you have gotten through difficult times before, may give you ideas of how to best tap into your strength.

Tips for self-care:

-Accept help when you need

-Focus on what you are able to do or eat, rather than what you cannot do

-Set personal health goals

-Consider the ways you re-charge emotionally – and do them!

-Get connected! with each other, and with outside resources, if you need them.

Personal questions:

-What has helped you to deal with difficult situations in the past?

-Where are your “safe” places?  What are your “safe” foods?  Who are your “safe” people to be around when you’ve had an allergic reaction or a bad dining experience?

-How do you treat yourself with compassion when you are feeling drained or overwhelmed?

-How do you re-charge?  Do you need personal time, or social time?  What activities help you to process through emotions after a tough day?


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Easy Drop Biscuits part 2 – Strawberries!

Strawberry Biscuits

Easy drop biscuits are delicious, and I’m finding that whatever is fresh at the grocery store makes for a delicious addition!  This time, there were some very fresh and plump strawberries calling my name.  Using the basic recipe found here ( I added chopped-up strawberry bits and white chocolate chips.  Vanilla yogurt goes great in this, or add a bit of vanilla flavoring if you prefer another type of yogurt.


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Monday Morning Post-its

This post has nothing to do with food allergies or cooking, and everything to do with good self-care.

I started a new job a few months ago, which is always a stressful – if wonderful – opportunity.  As many good new employees will find themselves doing, the first few weeks involved many extra hours coming in early and staying late in order to get things under control, make the right first impression, and stay on top of it all.  Around the third week of this new job, I picked up a new habit that has made Mondays more fresh and inspired.

On Friday, one of the last things I do before I leave is write down my To-Do list for Monday morning.  In an ideal world, we would have all of our To Do tasks done before leaving the office on Friday.  But in the actual world, we get as much done as we possibly can and then prioritize what can wait for a few days.

On this task list, I wrote a little note for Monday that said, “Welcome to a new week!  You can do it!” and then turned out the lights, walked out the door, and promptly forgot about my list and my note to myself.

Come Monday, I turned on the lights and my computer, and as I sipped my coffee I took my first glance at my To Do list… and smiled.  (How often do we smile at a full task list?!).

My Monday self thanked my Friday self, and I entered into a new week with a little bit extra pep and grace.

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