Kitchen Appliances – My Favorites (Part Two)

You thought I was done listing favorite things in my kitchen?  I have a lot of love to go around.  Here are a few more favorites:

-Corningware and serving dishes.  I host a lot more than I used to, because it’s easier for me to cook than explain my allergies to friends sometimes.  I also like to bring food other places sometimes (so that I know there is something safe to eat), so the kinds that come with lids are my favorites.

-TUPPERWARE.  I eat leftovers for lunch every day, and I freeze my own barbeque sauce and ketchup.  When there isn’t an abundance of spare Tupperware around, I feel sad.  (I’ve also been known to adopt Tupperware from friends and family… but when I do remember to return it, I try to follow the Golden Rule of Tupperware – you never return it empty.  This sometimes delays the return).

-My really big pot.  It’s exciting to cook something in a really big pot.  Makes me feel even more legitimate in my cooking endeavors than my cast iron skillet.

-My mandoline.  I make a lot of homemade snacks, and this baby makes all my chips a real possibility.  And my cheesy kale potato gratin (really, “SLI’s Potato Kale Gratin”).  Only warning: if you’re watching the Macy’s Day parade while mandolining your potatoes for Thanksgiving-potato-gratin, you should keep your eyes on your thumbs from time to time, or you may be wearing a new Bandaid on your thumb to dinner, and your dad will get you an durable cut-proof glove for Christmas.

Things I don’t have yet but may be my favorite someday:

-A pasta maker.  Homemade pasta is really fun!  (See “Ugly Ravioli”).

-A tortilla press.  I’ve started making my own tortillas, and this just seems like a good idea.

-An ice cream maker.  Someday I’ll have a really big kitchen that can fit this.  Not that I need another venue for eating ice cream…

-A Kitchenaid mixer.  Again, with the dreams of a big kitchen.

-And… a big kitchen.

What are your favorites?


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